Residents have had enough of parking mayhem

Today the Kiama Independent reported on the ‘overflow parking’ issues faced by residents in Wilson and Ocean Streets – issues caused by the lack of adquate parking facilities in the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park (Residents have had enough of parking mayhem).

Independent Report

According to the article, Kiama Council officer Chris Fuller (Acting Director of Environmental Services) acknowledges that Council has been aware of the issues for 17 years, when they ‘widened’ Ocean Street and erected No Parking signs on the southern side of the street. Chris Fuller claims that Council is unable to bring pressure to bear on the Holiday Park to address the issue unless the Park makes a development application to the Council.

The Holiday Park director, Jenny Drummond, acknowledged the parking problems, but said: “It would be a big job to increase the parking on the site.” She said a carpark was a consideration in the Park’s 5 to 10-year plan.

This morning at 7:00am I counted 89 vehicles parked in Wilson and Ocean Streets:
– Ocean Street: 26 vehicles (including one vehicle parked illegally in a driveway for the past three days, and two vehicles not in marked parking bays);
– Wilson Street: 63 vehicles

Here are a couple of options that could be implemented immediately:

Option 1
The Holiday Park could use some of it’s current tent camping space as a carpark, at very little cost. Below is an example, using an existing terraced area below the holiday villas, that would accommodate 50 vehicles…

This easy-to-implement option would result in a 56% reduction in the number of Park patron’s vehicles parked in Wilson and Ocean Streets.

Option 2
If the Holiday Park is unwilling to sacrifice some camp-site income to provide parking for their patrons, the Council could do as other coastal Councils have done and implement parking restrictions in residential streets…

Parking Signs

There is no reason for local residents to wait 10 years for the Holiday Park to ‘consider’ providing some additional parking.

We need to act now, so that residents don’t have to live in a carpark.

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