Fix the cause, don’t treat the symptom

The previous post containing this week’s pictures included a photo of a young child standing on the road, opening the door of a double-parked vehicle after running on the road from a vehicle that had been parked, for several days, at the side of the road.

The child’s family, patron’s of BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park, was visiting their second car, parked in Wilson Street because there was no parking space made available in the Holiday Park.

Child on road

This is clearly a dangerous situation, and one which would be avoided if the Holiday Park provided adequate parking for their patrons’ vehicles. (I have sent a copy of this photo to Kiama Council’s Director of Engineering and Works.)

This is not an isolated incident – simply one that occurred when I had my camera with me.

The simple solution to this problem is for the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park to provide adequate parking for their patrons. But they don’t want to do this – even though the problem has been evident for nearly 20 years.

Kiama Council claim that they can’t force the Holiday Park to provide additional parking for their patrons.

Let’s revisit a couple of relatively simple options…..

Option 1
The Holiday Park could use some of it’s current tent camping space as a carpark, at very little cost. Below is an example, using an existing terraced area below the holiday villas, that would accommodate 50 vehicles…

Based on previously quoted figures, this easy-to-implement option would result in a 56% reduction in the number of Park patron’s vehicles parked in Wilson and Ocean Streets. This wouldn’t completely solve the problem, but it would be a good start.

Option 2
If the Holiday Park is unwilling to sacrifice a small amount of camp-site income to provide parking for their patrons, Kiama Council could do as other coastal Councils have done and implement parking restrictions in residential streets…

Parking Signs

How long do we have to wait for Kiama Council to take some action? How long will it be before someone is injured while visiting their vehicle, parked in a residential street, when it should have been parked in the Holiday Park?

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