No access

Earlier this week an electricity authority repair truck was attempting to gain access to the headland to undertake some urgent work.

Unfortunately a car was parked in the driveway that provides access to the headland. (In fact this vehicle had been parked there for the previous four days!)

Emergency access blocked

One of the employees working on the truck advised me this was the designated  emergency access point for the headland. According the employee, if someone fell over a cliff on the headland, this is where the SES and other response groups would be heading to access the headland.

I would have assumed that the regular Council Ranger patrols would have addressed this issue and had the vehicle moved within the first day of being parked there?

Well – no.

However, the owner of the vehicle was able to move their car forward a little in the driveway – so a friend could park their car behind them, across the driveway!!

Parked across emergency driveway

Remember that none of this would be happening if the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park provided adequate parking space for patrons and and their guests.

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