Parking Restrictions for Summer 2012

KMC - 4P - 2012Kiama Council have advised residents that a 4 hour parking restriction will be applied to the residential side of Ocean Street and Wilson Street (south of Marsden Street) during the 2012-2013 summer holiday period.

The Council hopes that this will encourage an increased turn-over of vehicles parked in residential streets, and discourage guests of Easts Big 4 Holiday Park from leaving their vehicles parked in these residential streets for extended periods – often weeks at a time.

Unfortunately, this measure is unlikely to solve the problem, but rather extend the problem further north in Wilson Street, and to nearby streets that don’t have parking restrictions.

The only long-term solution to prevent patrons of the Holiday Park parking their vehicles in residential streets is for the Holiday Park to provide adequate parking space within their site. In peak times there are up to 200 vehicles belonging to Holiday Park patrons parked in residential streets.

The 4 hour parking restrictions will come at a considerable expense for Kiama Council – policing of the parking restrictions will require constant monitoring by Council rangers, 24 hours a day.

A more simple approach might have been to adopt similar restrictions to Byron Shire, where parking in residential streets near tourist destinations is completely restricted from 1am – 5am. This makes policing considerably easier.

Byron parking restrictions

However, this is still only treating the symptom, rather than addressing the problem. The Byron parking issue is related to beaches and other natural attractions. The Ocean and Wilson Streets parking chaos in Kiama is caused by a private business.

If Easts Big 4 Holiday Park provided adequate parking for their patrons, local residents would not be inconvenienced by saturation parking, Park guests would be able to access their second vehicles safely, and Kiama Council would not have to go to the trouble (and expense) of installing and policing parking restrictions.

What will it take for Easts Big 4 Holiday Park to do the right thing?

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