New parking arrangements – a progress report!

Here we are into the first week of 2013, and the new parking arrangements in Wilson and Ocean Streets, while not completely solving the problem of long-term holiday parking in residential streets, seem to be a big step in the right direction.

There have not been any vehicles parked long-term on the residential side of the streets during the Christmas / New Year holiday period. With the parking turning over at least every 4 hours, the eastern end of Ocean Street has become accessible for beach visitors in the mornings and afternoons.

Visitors to residents’ homes in both Wilson and Ocean streets are now able to park outside, or close to, the home they are visiting.

Parking spaces that were blocked out for up to a week (or more) are now available every day. For the past few years the view below (ie – available parking space outside residents’ homes on a Sunday morning) was non-existant during January….


Holiday Park overflow parking does not appear to have increased at the northern end of Wilson Street, or in Marsden street, although these areas were fully parked out on New Years’ day.

The western side of Wilson Street continues to be used for long-term parking by patrons of the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park. Not as many as previously it seems – but still around 40 vehicles parked overnight, every night since Christmas 2012.


These vehicles are visited by their owners, who double-park on Wilson Street while they transfer equipment and people between their vehicles. This results in congestion in the street, and is a risk to people (especially young children) as they walk on the road amongst traffic. (In the photos below, notice that the car towing the caravan is driving through marked car parking spaces – imagine the traffic chaos if there were cars parked in these spaces!)


People continue to park across driveways to move equipment between vehicles parked across the road…


And we still see those who don’t understand how to park correctly…


And those who don’t understand the meaning of ‘parallel’…


And, of course, those who continue to treat the place where we live as a convenient rubbish dump, where they can clean out their cars…


All these problems would be solved if the BIG4 Easts Holiday Park provided adequate on-site parking for all their patrons and their patron’s guests.

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