Safety and congestion issues persist

Although the 4 hour parking restrictions in Ocean Street and Wilson Street during the summer holiday period have improved residential amenity considerably, the use of Wilson Street as a long-term car park by patrons of the BIG4 Easts Holiday Park continues to cause traffic and safety issues in this residential area.

Remember that while this is a public street, and people can park their vehicles in this street as they can in any other public street, these parked vehicles are not being accessed on foot as they would be in a ‘normal’ residential parking environment.

These vehicles are being used as storage areas and spare ‘day vehicles’, and are accessed by shuttle vehicles from the patrons of the Holiday Park.

This results in double-parking while these vehicles are being accessed, with drivers (and often passengers) walking on the main part of the road to move equipment between vehicles….


The photo below, published last week, shows how this 2nd vehicle access can cause traffic chaos, and associated safety issues, with pedestrians negotiating the paved area of the road in the traffic. (Notice that the southbound car towing the caravan is driving through the parking bay area – imagine how this might be impacted if there were cars parked in these bays, as there would have been in days prior to the 4 hour parking restrictions)….

Double parking traffic

Remember this photo of a young child exiting from the traffic-side of a double-parked vehicle while her parents accessed their ‘spare’ vehicle…

Child on road

How long to we have to wait before a serious accident occurs? (There have been a number of near-misses already in the 2012-13 holiday period.)

Of course, not only is Wilson Street a convenient place to park your second vehicle while on holidays, it has also become a convenient place to clean food left-overs out of your car….


The issue with all of this isn’t the parking itself – it is the issues associated with a residential area being used as a long-term overflow car park for a private business.

Surely, if there is a need for additional parking for BIG4 Easts Holiday Park patrons, the Holiday Park is obliged to provide that facility on site, rather than expect Kiama Council, and local residents, to pick up the bill (and the inconvenience) for their business activities?

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