Parking restrictions a success

4P parking signThe 4 hour parking restrictions implemented by Kiama Council in December 2012 have resulted in a huge improvement to residential amenity for residents living in Wilson and Ocean Streets.

The 4P restriction has provided real turnover of parking spaces on the residential side of these streets, rather than each of those spaces being locked up for a week (or more) at a time.

This has been a boon for not only local residents, but also for casual visitors to the beach, and for visitors to the homes of residents.

Another unintended ‘bonus’ of the reduced parking density on one side of the street has been improved ‘passability’ for vehicles entering and leaving the Holiday Park. When cars are parked in the 4P spaces it is difficult for cars towing caravans to pass each other, or for vehicles delivering supplies to the Holiday Park to pass any other vehicles that are travelling in the opposite direction.

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