Residential streets adjacent to BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park in Kiama are being choked with vehicles belonging to patrons of the Holiday Park.

We have approached Kiama Council to address the issue and to develop a plan, in conjunction with the managers of the Holiday Park, to alleviate the parking issues for local residents.

This site is published to inform the Kiama community of the issues, and to keep residents informed about the progress of those discussions.

The issue in a nutshell….

Many patrons who stay at the Holiday Park bring more than one vehicle on their holiday. They often invite guests to visit for the day, or to stay overnight (or for several nights).

The Holiday Park do not provide adequate parking space for all their patrons’ (and their patrons’ guests) vehicles. They are moving the cost of providing parking (and the ongoing maintenance of this parking area) to the local community.

So these vehicles are parked in local residential streets. Often for weeks at a time. Some patrons use these second vehicles as a long-term storage space for items that don’t fit in their tents or caravans – inflatable boats, fishing equipment, surfboards, etc.

Not only does this result in there being no space for local residents to park their own vehicles near their homes, it also brings with it…

Noise: associated with patrons regularly visiting their second cars;
Dangerous traffic conditions: the street is reduced to one lane for caravans, delivery vehicles, etc;
Rubbish: some Park patrons feel comfortable using the streets as a dump;
Environmental damage: cars ‘bulldoze’ plants to make more parking space;
Loss of amenity: a quiet residential area has been turned into a public parking lot!

See what it looks like at bit.ly/kiamachaos (Video)