October long weekend 2012

After a ‘quiet’ winter – ie a season where local residents have been able to enjoy the amenity of their local environment – the October 3-day weekend has provided a reminder of what is like to live near a tourist attraction that does not provide sufficient parking for their guests.

Not only have we enjoyed a weekend of tidying up empty beer bottles and McDonalds wrappers dumped in the street, but now we can experience what it is like to live in a trucking station – this vehicle has been parked here for the entire weekend….

Truck parked all weekend

Nothing illegal about this of course. It is just that this is where we live. And the owner of this ugly commercial vehicle is holidaying at the Big 4 Holiday Resort.

As a guest of the Holiday Park, the owner of this vehicle should be parking their vehicle within the Holiday Park, not outside my home.

This is a residential street, not a heavy vehicle storage area!

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Easter 2012

It’s not only the summer holidays that see residential streets clogged with the ‘spare’ cars belonging to the patrons of Easts Beach Big 4 Holiday Park.

Why? Because the Holiday Park does not provide sufficient parking for patrons, and provides NO parking for their patron’s guests.

Here are couple of views of Wilson Street on Easter Sunday…

Wilson Street 3

Wilson Street 2

And not only are the residents of Ocean and Wilson Streets affected. On Easter Sunday the parking issues extended to Marsden Street, when space was exhausted in Wilson Street….

Marsden Street

Residents shouldn’t have their amenity destroyed by a local business every holiday.


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The Long Term Storage Option

Ever been on a holiday and found that your accommodation was a bit cramped? Especially if you are camping?

No worries if you are staying at the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park!

I noticed a van parked here every night last week.

Van Parked

When I took a peak in the back of the van, guess what I found – a portable storage room for all those pesky item that clutter up the camp site.

Van Contents

And even better, Kiama Council has created parking bays for campers to more easily utilise this storage option!

This van should be parked on-site in the Holiday Park. The peak holiday period is over, and there is plenty of space in the Holiday Park. The only reason that this van is parked in a residential street is because the Holiday Park charge a fee for ‘additional’ vehicles to be parked on-site.

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Weeks, not days!

I published a photo yesterday of a black station-wagon parked opposite my home. This vehicle is a regular long-term parker in our streets.

Today I noticed the note shown below, on the dashboard of the vehicle…

Parking Note

Thanks for the explanation – but why isn’t this car parked in the Holiday Park?

Probably because of the cost. So, due to the business practices of the Holiday Park our residential streets have become a long-term carpark for their patrons.

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And still they park!

Here’s me thinking that the end of the holidays meant the end of our residential streets being used as long term carparks.

Well, not quite.

It seems that although there is now plenty of space in the Big4 Easts Holiday Park, the overnight parking fee imposed for additional vehicles is still encouraging patrons to park their ‘spare’ vehicles in residential streets.

Here are some overnight parkers that have been in the same place all last week. (This photo was taken at 7:00am)….

Not just in Holidays!

The vehicle below has been parked opposite my home for approximately 6 weeks. Why? At $7 per night to leave the car in the Holiday Park that’s nearly $300. (This particular vehicle is one of many ‘regular’ long-term parkers, who are parked here every holiday.)

Long Term Subaru

These vehicles are parked here for weeks at a time, 24 hrs a day. They belong in the Holiday Park, not in residential streets.

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It’s over – until Easter!

At last – we have our streets back to ourselves.

For those holidaying at the BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park, it must be nice to pop back in the car and head home – leaving all your rubbish outside residents’ homes!

Here are some photos from Wilson Street this morning…

This guy cleaned out a sheet of plasterboard from the the back of his ute before stacking all his camping gear for his return trip home…

Rubbish - plaster board

Car’s packed, a quick bite of lunch, and…. toss the packaging out the door before we go…

Maccas rubbish

And let’s get rid of all the other party leftovers while we are at it….

Beer & nugget boxes

Beer bottles

All the above – except the plasterboard – is now in my residential bin. Picked up this morning by me. All of this is litter dumped by patrons of BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park. Dumped from their cars that were parked in residential streets.

It is not just the physical parking of cars that is annoying – it is all the associated noise and rubbish that comes from living in a carpark that destroys residential amenity.

If these cars weren’t parked here, there wouldn’t be a problem.

The Holiday Park must provide adequate parking for their patrons. If they are unwilling to do this, then Kiama Council needs to introduce parking restrictions to preserve residential amenity during holiday periods.

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2012 – Week 3 in pictures

You may think that with Christmas and New Year long gone that the number of BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park patrons parking their cars in residential streets would have diminished?


There are just as many Park patrons’ cars parked here in the 3rd week of January as there were at the ‘peak’ Christmas time.

Here is the scene in Wilson Street this week, with Park patrons’ vehicles saturating parking space on both sides of the street:

Parking in Wilson Street

Much the same in Ocean Street:

Parking in Ocean Street

It is not possible for a service delivery vehicle and a car to pass in Ocean Street. Can you imagine what this is like when a service delivery vehicle meets a large motorhome?

Truck passing in Ocean Street

And of course, it wouldn’t be ‘normal’ without a car parked illegally in a driveway (in this case blocking the emergency access point for the headland):

Parked in Emergency Driveway

Parked in Emergency Driveway

Unless of course, you can squeeze two vehicles into the driveway!

Parked in Emergency Driveway

Have you noticed the van below appearing in more than one photo? Like many Park patrons’ vehicles, this van has been parked here (and further up the street) for more than two weeks:

Long term parking

Another week in the life of Kiama residents living in Wilson and Ocean Streets.

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